Q: What is this game's relationship to HellMOO?

A: SamsaraMOO is a fork of HellMOO, which closed in December of 2022, using a build from 2012. A variety of new content has been added, including weapons, mutations, areas, jobs, enemies, and systems. SamsaraMOO is under active development by a trio of developers releasing new content regularly. However, SamsaraMOO has no relationship to the original development team of HellMOO.

Q: HellMOO had a big focus on PvP. SamsaraMOO is the same, right?

A: While PvP is still included and available, SamsaraMOO's priorities lean more towards PvE content, roleplay, and socialization.

Q: That upsets me. I'm going to Post about this.

A: lol

Q: I'm having trouble! Where can I contact an admin out-of-game?

A: Our Discord is available to join here. There is also an help@ email address available.

Q: Will there ever be a wiki?

A: There is a fan-run one at samsaramoo.wiki. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Q: Can I give you money?

A: Uh, if you want. There's a Ko-fi which goes to freeing up prog's time to develop new features, smash bugs, and other things like that. Infrastructure costs are supported by a mysterious benefactor.